Brew Review – Shiner Hefeweizen

The weather finally warmed up here last week; mother nature completely forgot a little thing called “spring” and the temperatures went from the mid-50’s to high 80’s over a 3 day span. Seeing warm weather as an excuse to drink more beer, I stopped and picked up a variety 6-pack of Shiner Beer.  (Other things I use as an excuse to drink more beer include: when the weather cools down, when its raining, if I find loose change in the sofa, or if I have just finished a beer)

Shiner Beer is brewed at the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas. Their most popular beer is a bock that’s currently available in 42 states. The 6-pack included the Bock, along with a couple other great varieties, but I opted to try the hefeweizen.

Shiner Hefeweizen

Shiner Hefeweizen

What is a Hefeweizen?

A hefeweizen is a wheat beer, the “Hefe” part meaning “with yeast”. It is an unfiltered beer, so if it looks cloudy don’t throw it away (for the love of God, never throw away a beer. Unless it’s Natty Light).  The color is a perky orange, with a thick white head. The aroma is citrusy, with notes of lemon and orange that are also prevalent in the taste (I know this probably sounds redundant, as a lot of things taste like they smell, but beer can be a little trickier). It was smooth and light bodied, with a subtler flavor than other Hefeweizens I’ve tasted.

Shiner Hefeweizen full

Traditionally hefeweizens are served in a special glass that is curvier than Sofia Vergara, but you can drink it from a soup bowl for all I care. Personally, I chose my tall pint glass that I recently purchased at Epcot, where it cost me $11.50 for one beer. I figured I should get as much use out of it as possible at that price.

Should I drink it?

Shiner Hefeweizen is definitely worth a try. The flavor is lighter than most hefewizens, so if you’re not sure about this type of beer I’d say start with Shiner’s.

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