It’s Here! American Craft Beer Week 2013

American Craft Beer Week


Now that your Cinco de Mayo hangover has faded and you’ve made it through another Mother’s Day brunch, it’s time for possibly the best week of the year: American Craft Beer Week. Started by the Brewers Association in 2006, American Craft Beer Week is celebrates small and independent craft brewers across the country. From now until May 19, hundreds of events will be held nationwide, honoring all the great styles and flavors American beer has to offer.

American craft beer as we know it began in the late 1970’s, when big beer corporations were turning the US beer market into a never-ending line of low-calorie, light lagers.  Then in the early 80’s homebrewing became very popular, and over time people began to turn this hobby into a career, opening a slew of small breweries. Mixing old-world European traditions with American ingenuity, they expanded production in the 90’s and 00’s to create the diverse landscape of craft beer we know today.

This calendar from highlights upcoming ACBW events happening all over the country. There’s plenty of great beer to choose from, so get out there and get tasting.


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