Hanson Introduces New Beer, 90’s Nostalgia Ensues

Sometimes the cold, unloving universe will throw us mortals a little ray of happiness that reaffirms our faith in humanity. A random act of kindness, kittens and puppies being friends, and now Hanson has introduced their own beer. AND they’ve named it “MMMHops” creating a perfect meld of 90’s nostalgia in a vessel I can finally enjoy now that I’m no longer 7.  The pale ale is being produced by Mustang Brewing in Oklahoma, and made its debut at the Hangover III premiere.

The most influential force in my childhood was my parents 90’s pop music. I cried at a Backstreet Boys concert, spent hours playing Sporty Spice in line-for-line re-enactments of Spice World, and still know all the words to every song on Baby One More Time. Suffice to say, I am super excited about a 90’s-inspired beer.

294071_2090582547259_1089279927_nMe in the 90’s.  Probably daydreaming about Nick Carter.

MMMHops has opened the door to a whole line of beers inspired by 90’s songs. I’ve already been brainstorming, and here are some suggestions:

This is how we Brew it
Only wanna be with Brew
It’s gonna Beer me
I’ll beer there for Brew
Genie in a bottle (this one doesn’t even need a pun)
Smells like teen Beer-it
My Wort will go on
Livin’ la vida Lager
Damn, I wish I was your Porter
Mama said knock you Stout
Groove is in the Hefeweizen

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