Grin and Beer It

SAM_0088Grin and Beer It is a blog dedicated to all things beer; the good, the bad, and the vomit-inducing. It’s designed for your average beer drinker looking to learn a little more about the great big world of beer. Posts will most likely fall into 3 categories:

Brew Reviews: While most beer blogs focus on the best of the best, my goal is to sample a little bit of everything. I want to introduce you to the vast, wonderful variety of the craft beer universe, but also help you pick the lesser of two evils when you’re stuck between a Keystone Light or Bud Ice. Yes, there are some pretty shitty beers out there, but a low-brow beer can have redeeming qualities, so I’ll try to point those out along the way.

Beers are typically judged on appearance, smell, taste, mouthfeel, and overall experience, so I’ll use these categories as the base for my reviews. I’ll also try to include some other important information, like what celebrity it reminds me of and how much you can buy for $20. You know, important stuff.

Brew News: Interesting stories in the news about big beer, craft beers, micro-brews and breweries. I’ll also include the occasional article on beer facts, types, or terminology.

Drunken thoughts: Sometimes I will get drunk and go full-blown Hemingway on your ass. Brace yourselves.


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