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Dominion Oak Barrel Stout – Brew Review

I believe it was the English playwright William Shakespeare who famously said, “Friday, Friday. Gotta get down on Friday”. It could be Keats. Either way today is Friday, and what better way to “get down” than with a good beer? Start your weekend off right with today’s Brew Review: Dominion Oak Barrel Stout.

Dominion Oak Stout 1

This stout is brewed by the Old Dominion Brewing Company of Dover, DE. Founded in 1989, the company is home to a great collection of year-round and seasonal beers, as well as a very popular root beer recipe made with locally sourced honey. The company’s Oak Barrel Stout was named “Best Beer in Delaware”  by the Delaware News Journal in 2011.

Dominion Oak Stout 2As a side note, the label looks like aged paper, as if it were an old map.
This made me feel like Lewis and Clark, but more “drunk” and less “dysentery”.

The Oak Barrel Stout pours a deep black with a thick porous head the color of toasted marshmallows. Has a rich, nutty aroma of roasted malts, with vanilla and cocoa notes. It’s smooth and light, with warm coffee and vanilla flavors upfront and sweet chocolate and caramel notes in the finish.

Should I Drink It?

This particular beer hits all the notes a good stout should; it’s smooth, dark, and lets the flavor of the roasted malt shine through. It doesn’t have a strong oak presence in the smell or the taste, which is a little disappointing, but overall it’s a good beer.

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Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – Brew Review

Confession: I am a woman. I love all stereotypical lady things; Catherine Heigl comedies (will she find love?), adorable cat videos, adorable cats, and men in suits with a bouquet of roses. But nothing compares to my love of chocolate. Those sweet, cocoa-laced morsels set my estrogen-filled heart aflame like I’m a freaking “Cathy” comic strip. The only thing that could make chocolate better would be if I could somehow combine it with my love for craft beer.  Which brings me to today’s brew review, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.Youngs Chocolate Stout

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is brewed by the Wells and Young’s Brewing Company. Located in Bedford, UK, it is the country’s largest private brewing company, and makes some of the most well-loved beers in the nation. Founded in 1875, Wells and Young’s now brews over 20 different types of beer, many of which are exported around the world. Their Double Chocolate Stout has been received several awards over the years, including the Brewing Industry International Awards Gold Medal in 2000.

What is a Stout?

A stout is a type of beer made with roasted malt or barley. This gives the beer a rich, nutty flavor that can also resemble coffee or chocolate flavor, depending on how long the brewer roasts the malt. First brewed in the 1720’s, the most popular stout in the United States today is Guinness. Typical characteristics of a Stout are a dark color and a thick, dense head that hangs around like a douchebag in an Ed Hardy shirt at the bar; way longer than you expected, and after you’ve actually finished the beer. This head takes a long time to settle, so it’s important to let the beer sit for a few minutes before you start drinking it.

Youngs Chocolate Sout Can 1

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is the darkest brown with a thick, tan head that dissipates but never dies off. The smell is rich and chocolately, with some nice coffee scent thrown in there for good measure. The taste has just enough chocolate for a beer, with some nutty espresso flavor cutting through. It’s not sweet but not bitter; a mellow, smooth stout that was, as the can boasts,  “pure luxury”.

Young's Chocolate Stout 2

Should I Drink It?

Fair warning before you heed my suggestion: first, I love stouts more than any other beer, and secondly, I would probably stab someone for chocolate. That being said, I would absolutely recommend Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. It’s smooth texture and rich flavors make it a wonderfully drinkable beer.

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