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Goodbye Paper Bag! Beer Can Concealers for the Alcoholic on the Go

One of the greatest things about summer is drinking outside. Relaxing on a back porch after a long day in the sun, hanging out by the pool during a barbecue, or unwinding by the campfire are all perfect pairings for a cold brew. But there are still places outdoors where “The Man” doesn’t want you to drink, and so you had to wait until you were on private property to enjoy the crisp taste of summer. That is, until now.

There is a new beer concealer on the market that disguises your beer as a can of soda. “Hide My Beer” uses cutting edge “cutting” technology to modify soda cans, allowing them to slip over your beer can of choice. The site guarantees that the cover is completely unnoticeable from “a reasonable distance”,  which I assume is code for “as long as only drunk people are looking at it”. Hide My Beer allows you to drink at all the places beer isn’t usually permitted: beaches, public parks, children’s birthday parties, or church.

I’m not really crazy about the Hide My Beer. First of all, the site warns that it won’t fit Coors or Coors Light cans, which you know is my favorite. Second, how hard could this possibly be to make? I’m waiting for someone to DIY it and put it on their Pinterest board. Also, at $4 a pop, this is no cheap way to disguise your 30-rack. However, I have come up with some cheap alternatives for disguising your beer in public.

CoffeeMug.jpgMug of coffee

AGhost.jpgA Ghost


SportsDrink.jpgSports drink. Perfect for the gym.


CleaningProducts.jpgHousehold cleaner

Thehandsomestranger.jpgThe Handsome Stranger

Invisible.jpgInvisibility cloak

There you go! All the glamour of drinking outside, without the risk of getting caught. Enjoy your minor misdemeanor!

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DIYour Drunk: 12 Ways to Re-purpose Old Beer Bottles

Starting this blog has brought about a few changes in my life. I have tried a bunch of great craft beers, been able to express myself in a written medium, and have amassed a giant, hoader-level pile of beer bottles. My building doesn’t recycle, and after learning about the sustainability efforts of these environmentally friendly beer companies, it feels like a big “F-You” just to throw them in the trash. So, living in the great age of “upcycling”, I set about trying to find ways to re-purpose the old bottles into something useful and crafty.

I thought long and hard and came up with the following ideas:

SAM_0567Door Stopper

Dog toyDog Toy

DIY Beer Bottle Vampire RepellerDIY Vampire Repellent

DIY Beer Bottle DinosaurHyper-realistic dinosaur model

SAM_0607Ship in a bottle (just add ship)


DIY bottle artArt

SAM_0611A friend

Hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand Pinterest boards being updated with these beauties.

Turning to the internet for more inspiration, here are 4 more projects to put your left over bottles to good use:

Beer Bottle Chandelier

From thebachelorguy.com, this chandelier tells guests “We may not be no Ritz-Carlton, but we know how to have a good time.”

Painted Vases

painted beer bottlesTake your old bottles from “trashy” to “classy” with a coat of gold spray-paint and a couple of fake flowers.


Etsy beer bottleThere are a few tutorials online for cutting glass beer bottles. Most of them involve fire. If you like this idea but also would like to not burn your house down, you can buy these bad boys on etsy.

Beer Cap Cuff-Links

For the man who has everything, except a pair of cuff-links to wear to a black-tie event honoring Jimmy Buffet. Available on etsy.

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