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Thanks Obamacare! US Government Approves Calorie Labeling on Beer

US Treasury Department announced this week that beer, wine and spirit makers can start adding nutrition information to their product labels including serving size, calories, and carbs. This is the first time this kind of labeling has been approved for alcoholic beverages, and for the time being will be a voluntary measure. Support for the new rule came from both inside and outside the alcohol industry, with consumers wanting to know more about what they were drinking and producers wanting to promote low-calorie and low-carb drink options.

We all know that drinking is bad for you: from Cirrhosis to sex with ugly people, the stuff can wreak havoc on the brain and body. But learning the amount of calories in that Lime-a-Rita you’re about to chug is a reality colder than a Coors Light can. For example, Coors Light has 104 calories per can, and that’s a light beer (for the record, “light” means lower calories, not the increased desire to “light” things on fire while drinking). In fact, most beers have between 150-200 calories per drink. That means that by the end of the night, the amount of calories consumed through drinking is probably more than the entire buffalo chicken pizza you ate while drunk.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 1Keep drinking and your beer won’t be the only thing that’s “full-bodied.

If the Biggest Loser taught me anything, it’s that weight management is all about calories in/calories out. So, if you want to enjoy the beer without the belly, here are some common drinking activities that burn calories.

Dancing – 364 calories
Crying – 15 calories
Crying over literally nothing  – 25 calories
fighting (physical) – 170 calories
fighting (verbal) – 35 calories
Stumbling home – 105 calories
Sex – 50 calories
Sex with a stranger – 55 calories
Calling your ex – 11 calories
Karaoke – 22 calories
Regret – 30 calories


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